Clarification On The Five-Year Prescriptive Period For Those Covered Under Section 18 (B) (4), (5) And (6) Of Republic Act No. 10587 Or The Environmental Planning Act Of 2013

Clarification On The Five-Year Prescriptive Period For Those Covered Under Section 18 (B) (4), (5) And (6) Of Republic Act No. 10587 Or The Environmental Planning Act Of 2013
The Professional Regulation Commission wishes to clarify that the deadline of the five (5) year period prescribed for those covered by Section 18 (B) (4), (5) and (6) of Republic Act No. 10587 or the Environmental Planning Act of 2013 shall fall on 2 October 2019 or five (5) years after the effectivity date of the IRR of the said Act.


Invitation to Service Providers to Present a Proposal as A Payment Channel

Invitation to Service Providers to Present a Proposal as A Payment Channel to Interface with PRC’s Existing Online System to Service the Filipino Professionals in The Processing And Payment of PRC’s Various Transactions
Request for Proposal (RFP)

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is an agency of the national government responsible for the administration, implementation and enforcement of regulatory policies in the regulation and licensing of various professions and occupations under its jurisdiction.  It recognizes the importance of information and communications technology as a strategic tool in the delivery of its services, in the performance of its functions and in the achievement of its vision.
The PRC is aware of the availability of modern technology-based solutions, schemes and strategies that offer options to further improve its service delivery and accelerate the attainment of its mission and vision.  In 2016 the PRC pilot-tested Online Services of application for examination, initial registration and renewal of Professional ID cards with electronic payment and collection systems.
The PRC intends to continue adopting the online Electronic Payment and Collection System (EPCS) for the processing and collection of fees of application for examination, initial registration, renewal of PRC ID cards, and extending it further to cover other services such as certification fees, additional payment modes and to enhance its present system.
The principal objective of this project is to give greater ease and convenience to the transacting clients by providing additional options for examination application, initial registration and renewal of PRC ID cards as well as by providing additional payment options. With the help of current technological innovations, PRC will expand its capability to serve both aspirants and professionals based locally and overseas particularly those in far-flung areas.  The enhanced services will likewise integrate other PRC systems and provide necessary links to other government agencies for verification of application requirements.
In this regard, PRC is inviting service providers to present a proposal as a payment channel to interface with PRC’s existing online system to service the Filipino Professionals in the processing and payment of PRC’s various transactions.
Attached herewith a copy of the Terms of Reference. 
Please be guided accordingly.
Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Assistant Commissioner


The Service Provider shall perform the following:
  1. Open and maintain an account with an Authorized Government Depository Bank (AGDB) where the Guaranty Deposit shall be maintained for the benefit of PRC and BTr. It shall maintain a daily cash balance on such deposit account equivalent to the average total daily collection of PRC Fees or FOUR MILLION PESOS (PHP 4,000,000), whichever is higher.
  2. Open and maintain an account with an AGDB with a cash balance enough to facilitate the service provider’s instructions to debit its account detailing the total collections of PRC for credit to BTr-PRC Clearing Account.
  3. Accept payments from PRC clients for various fees such as Examination Fee, Registration Fee, Annual Fee, Certification/Authentication Fee, Surcharges Miscellaneous, and other prescribed fees
  4. Send an electronic Confirmation Receipt or Payment Validation Slip to the nominated e-mail address of the paying PRC client which shall be generated from the ECPs and shall indicate the breakdown of amounts paid by the PRC clients for the transaction
  • The convenience fee, if any shall be reflected separately in the Confirmation Receipt or Payment Validation Slip for transparency and proper accounting purposes. 
  1. Remit on behalf of PRC the total daily collection of PRC Fees not later than 10:00 AM of the next banking day to BTr PRC clearing account.
Payment transactions received up to the end-of-day cut-off-time of 12:00 o’clock midnight, Manila Philippine Time (GMT+8) shall be posted as transaction of that day, any transaction received after the cut-off-time shall be considered as transaction of the next banking day.
  1. Pay to BTr penalty equivalent to 5% of the total amount of PRC fees collected daily that is due for remittance to BTr-PRC clearing Account________________ with the depository bank and interest, compounded daily base on Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas overnight lending rate, in case of late-remittance, under remittance, or non- remittance of collections after determination by BTr from the LDC submitted by PRC and the bank statement issued by LBP.  Penalty and interest computation shall be counted from the date following lapse of period to remit until actual remittance is made.  Provided that such delay was not caused by force majeure and therefore not beyond the control of the service provider.
  2. Provide PRC’s Administrative Services Office, Planning Management and Financial Service Office (PFMS), Information and Communication Technology Service, Cash Division and Accounting Division the following Reports and electronic files of all collection and deposit transactions: 
  1. Daily Report of Collections and Deposits showing the transaction details such as, but not limited to, date and number of EOR, location code, transaction number, name of payor, particulars, amount, type of PRC fee/income classification and name of payment channel in accordance with the format provided by the PRC. (Annex A).  List of location code to be used is likewise provided. (Annex B). Each page shall reflect the sub-totals with the grand total on the last page. Moreover, every report shall bear a number at the right most part with the following format, YY-MM-00000.
  2. Daily Report of Deposited Collections classified as to income classification and tallied with total amount of deposit in the Report of Collections and Deposits for the day and shall bear a number at the right most part with the following format, YY-MM-00000. (Annex C) Subtotal for every date of collection shall be required; on the other hand, Grand Total is required for the total deposits for the day.
  3. Monthly Bank Statement from the depository bank (AGDB) for reconciliation purposes
  4. Copies of automated deposit slips/credit memo, debit instruction or authority to debit advice duly validated or stamped received by the AGDB.
  5. Certificate of Deposit from the BTr for submission to PRC.
  6. Other reports that may be required for financial management and/or auditing purposes.
  1. Provide facility for real time viewing, downloading and generating prescribed reports to PRC and the Commission on Audit (COA) for all electronic payment and collection reports.

  1. Provision of Payment Gateway System (PGS) that must be able to interface    with PRC’s Online Services.
  2. The PGS must have a Responsive Design (Desktop, Laptops Mobile & Tablets).
  3. The PGS must not accept double/multiple payments of the same transaction type and profession/exam name.
  4. The PGS must be made available 24/7 online everywhere and be able to all clients to pay fees assessed by PRC.
  5. The PGS must ensure that security protocols are in place.
  6. Provision of automatic / real-time validation of payments.
  7. The PGS must provide a facility for PRC to generate transaction reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  8. Provision of a payment inquiry module that must validate payments that were not validated in real-time due to slow internet connection, human error, system error, among others.
  9. The PGS must have a capability of displaying real-time monitoring of completed transaction once the customer has completed the transaction.
  10. Must include Help Desk (chat/email/phone) support to monitor all e-payment transactions.
  11. Provision of returning a Status Confirmation for payment if successful or not
  12. Must return the following information upon payment for checking and validation purposes:

Suspension of Services in all PRC Offices Including Service Centers and OSSCOs on 25 February 2019

The Professional Regulation Commission announces the temporary suspension of services of all PRC Offices including Service Centers and OSSCOs on 25 February 2019, in commemoration of the 33rd Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, pursuant to Proclamation No. 555.

The said offices will resume operations on 26 February 2019.

The transacting public who have appointment on the said date will be accommodated on 26 February 2019.

NEW CPD IRR : PRC Resolution No. 2019-1146 : Amending Relevant Provisions of IRR of RA 10912 (Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ACT of 2016

Please click for pdf version

PRC signals reduced coursework requirement for professionals

[ ]
Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) logo

THE Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) said that it may require less refresher coursework from professionals as the agency makes adjustments to implement the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Law.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, PRC Chairman Teofilo S. Pilando Jr. said that commission is planning a transition period before fully implementing the CPD law to reduce the burden on professionals, and to allow for time to build up the PRC’s capabilities. During the transition, mandatory refresher credit requirements may be eased.

A prescribed volume of coursework is required of professionals seeking to renew their PRC registrations.

“Among the things we are proposing will be a transition period in the implementation of the law,” he said.

Mr. Pilando added, “Under the old Implementing Rules and Regulations, most of the professions require 45 credit units but during the transition period, we will require at most 15 units. We know it takes time to ideally implement this but at the same time, we cannot say 0 units.”

Last year, in a Senate hearing, Senators Antonio F. Trillanes IV, Ralph G. Recto, Juan Miguel F. Zubiri, and Aquilino L. Pimentel III noted the difficulty many professionals have experienced in complying with the 45-credit requirement and the lack of PRC facilities to host coursework in many parts of the country.

The PRC Chairman said that the commission needs to build its capacity before it can fully enforce the CPD Law.

“We are supposed to achieve standardization… and develop further alternative modes of compliance… We have to have the necessary materials and premises,” Mr. Pilando said.

On Monday, the PRC was summoned for consultations with the Senate on its proposed amendments to the rules for renewing professional licenses.

“(T)o cushion the supposed burden of implementation, from the start we already know that we need some adjustments… considering what the law is contemplating, we are amending the IRR, to make it less burdensome and at the same time still maintain the intent of the law,” he said.

Asked to estimate how long the transition period will be, Mr. Pilando said “It’s hard for us to give definitive period because it hinges on the type of support we are going to get.” — Gillian M. Cortez

Use of the new General Information Sheet (GIS) Form

SEC Notice

Use of the new General Information Sheet (GIS) Form
Posted 14 January 2019

Letter Invite PRBRES Meeting on January 18, 2019

Public Service Reminder: SEC Memorandum Circular No. 1 - 2019 Filing of Annual Financial Statements and General Information Sheet.

Public Service Reminder:

SEC Memorandum Circular No. 1 - 2019 Filing of Annual Financial Statements and General Information Sheet.

Please refer to link to access the entire circular. (…/uploads/2019/…/2019MCNo1.pdf)

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